I love stories. Growing up, story ballets were my favorite fairytales. Swan Lake, Giselle, Onegin - you name it, I loved it. Once I learned to read, the books I devoured became beloved stories as well. (In fact, when I was eleven, I won an award for reading the most books of anyone in my fifth grade class - 100 novels in a year.) For me to love them, stories must be consistent; I've never liked Hollywood endings and am furious when a movie wraps up unconvincingly. I am at my absolute happiest, camera in hand, telling your stories.



After years of perfecting my craft - not to mention developing the exact plan for how this was going to work - in the summer of 2017 my team officially launched Ebbe Sweet Stories.

This subscription service draws inspiration from ever-popular subscription boxes like Birchbox, Book Drop, and Kiwi Crate - plus other fun things like museum memberships and magazine subscriptions - while providing you with professional photography at regular intervals throughout your child's life.


Beloved family stories are made up of individual moments. I always say that my photographs show you - at this moment in time - rather than simply what your children look like, who they truly are. Kids grow and change so quickly; when you look back at the photos I have captured of your family, you will instantly be transported back in time to the moment when I took them. 

When you subscribe to Ebbe Sweet Stories, twice a year (around the time of your child's birthday and half-birthday) your child will have a photo shoot with Ebbe Sweet Photography. Weeks later, you will receive your album, engraved with the year and your child's age - and full of memories. 




It's amazing how often I meet a new family and hear, "I can't believe my child is X years old and we still haven't had family pictures done." I totally get it; we are all busy, and since the average parent takes 3650 photos of their child per year, professional photography can sometimes seem like an afterthought. 

However, once families book a shoot with me, 90% return within a year. Signing up for Ebbe Sweet Stories takes away the stress of needing to remember to book your next shoot - and takes away the guilt of having not already booked one!