Behind the scenes of a dance photo shoot

As promised, here are the behind the scenes dance photos that Tara and Olivia took at our dance shoot earlier this fall. (See more photos from that shoot here.) I love that both dancers independently decided to take these photos and that each image offers a unique look into our shoot without being at all posed or staged. Enjoy!

We began our shoot taking photos of Tara in front of these vertical lines (actually windows!) at the Metropolitan Opera. I loved this minimal, monochromatic background and the way that the vertical lines played with the lines of Tara's dancing.

Later in the morning, we moved our shoot to Central Park. I chose this spot for these photos of Olivia because of the way the sunlight created a spotlight effect. I also really liked the shadows that this light created along the pathway.

Thank you for taking these photos, dancers! I really love them and the perspective that they offer on our shoot!