New York City Wedding Photographer: Constance and Giovanni's flower girls

One of my favorite elements of Constance and Giovanni's gorgeous west village wedding was that instead of choosing one flower girl, Constance had three. Before the wedding, when Constance and I got together to go over all of the details of her photography, she told me that one of the most important things she wanted captured were her flower girls; They're growing up so quickly, she said, and I want to be able to remember them this little. I loved that sentiment and took it to heart while shooting, making sure to capture the youthful spirits and joy of these three girls for Constance and her family. 

I had a blast shooting that day. The wedding was beyond beautiful, and to spend so much time shooting with these three adorable flower girls was such a joy. They were so sweet and spirited! After the ceremony, once Constance and Giovanni had taken off for the reception, I spent a few extra minutes taking photos of the flower girls. They were excited to learn that I also photograph dancers and happily jumped and played around for some of our shots. I love how clearly their excitement and enthusiasm come across in these photos.