Oh, Dakota! I can't believe this little love is one year old and I've gotten to know her her whole life. I first met Dakota's amazing parents, Kim and Dave, when Kim was eight months pregnant with Dakota, and got to first meet Dakota for her newborn shoot when she was five weeks old. She snoozed through almost the whole thing, but woke back up at the end for some photos with their family's dog, Harlow, who is also just the sweetest. Dogs and babies, is there anything cuter?

My next shoot with Kim, Dave, and Dakota was three months later, for the next installment in Dakota's baby book. Kim's mom joined us for part of the shoot as well, and getting to photograph three generations together was just magical.


Next up: Dakota's first spring in NYC! For this shoot, we started at their family's home (with a special appearance from Harlow, of course!) and eventually made our way to Central Park for additional family shots:


Finally, here we are at Dakota's first birthday. I met up with Dakota and her family for family photos in the morning, and then photographed her first birthday party outside in her apartment's back garden. One of the most special parts of the birthday party was having four generations present: Dakota, her mom, her grandma, and her great-grandma! 

Happy birthday, sweet Dakota! What a wonderful first year it's been.