I first photographed Erin and Chris when Erin was 8-months pregnant with their daughter, Winnie. We met up at sunrise in front of Jane's Carousel on the Brooklyn waterfront in May 2015. To our surprise, we arrived to find a very low fog layer (very San Francisco-like) and an amazing art installation: Tom Fruin's Glass House. The fog made the colors of both Erin's dress and the glass house really pop. As a photographer, you don't get to control the conditions you'll shoot in, but you do get to work with some amazing surprises. 

Erin's natural state is in motion - she is a professional dancer and dance studio owner - and I was thrilled when she wanted to dance in her maternity photos. We had a lot of fun mapping out what a maternity x dance shoot would look like. Years later I am still so thrilled with how it turned out, and I look back on this morning so fondly.

Our next shoot was later that year, with a change of location, season, and of course the addition of a new family member: baby Winnie!

And let me tell you - I fell totally in love with this little love.


Winnie took a little snooze during our shoot. Being a model is hard work!


Fast forward to this summer - 2017 - Winnie is now two-years-old and about to be a big sister. Winnie's baby brother is expected any day now, and I am so excited for all of them. Last month, we all met up again at Jane's Carousel, the beloved location of our first shoot together, to photograph another maternity / family hybrid shoot.

I can't wait to see Winnie embrace her role as a big sister and am already looking for our next shoot: newborn photos!